BiophysEco is an international think tank that works to support the emergence and promotion of biophysical economics in the public debate and the policy conversation, worldwide.

BiophysEco is a non-profit, independent and non-partisan organization. Its mission is to inform civil society and public policy makers by providing realistic policy analysis and advice rooted in a biophysical reading of the economic process, as well as of the related energy, material, and financial flows.

BiophysEco is not a research institute nor an academic society. It does not perform research in biophysical economics as such, but focuses on producing and disseminating public policy analysis and advice rooted in biophysical economics. It does not interfere with or encroach on the activities of academic researchers and research organizations, but builds upon and promotes their work to ensure that a biophysical reading of the economic process can be represented in the policy-making conversation. It also seeks to support this work by providing researchers and research organizations with a networking, exchange and support platform, and by undertaking outreach and advocacy activities aimed at increasing public support for research in biophysical economics and related domains.

The geographical scope of BiophysEco is global – reflecting the fact that biophysical economics is founded on a biosphere-wide view of the economic process. However, BiophysEco also provides local knowledge and expertise through its international network of contributors.

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