BiophysEco is a ‘virtual’ think tank, meaning that it is a networked organization bringing together independent people and groups to work together for a common purpose. It relies on a small core team to collect and publish analytical and advisory work from leading scholars and practitioners. It builds upon a wide and growing decentralized network of contributors and researchers from various backgrounds and geographies to produce and promote high-quality and balanced public policy analysis and advice. It has multiple leaders and participants, interacting at various levels on a voluntary basis.

BiophysEco promotes interdisciplinary work and systems thinking by exploring linkages and interactions across boundaries. It is open to dialogue and engagement with economists and scientists who may not pertain or be directly related to the biophysical economics line of thought.

BiophysEco works and cooperates with other organizations to reach its objectives and fulfill its mission, including academia, think tanks, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), business, academic or professional networks, and other stakeholders.

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