BiophysEco aims to inform public policy making by providing realistic and objective policy analysis and advice rooted in a biophysical reading of the economy. In order to reach its objectives and achieve its mission, BiophysEco carries out the following activities:

  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of economic and scientific developments relevant to the field of biophysical economics, as well as of related political, social and financial developments.
  • Production, publication and dissemination of high quality content, policy analysis and advice based on biophysical economics research.
  • Provision of online resources, networking tools and platforms for biophysical economics researchers and research organizations.
  • Communication and outreach towards policy makers and other stakeholders, including the scientific communities, industry and the general public.
  • Organization of – and participation in – meetings, conferences and other networking and policy events.

BiophysEco’s work focuses on the following key areas:

  • Value creation, productivity and economic growth.
  • Societal metabolism and societal complexity.
  • Biophysical constraints and financialization.
  • Energy transitions and socio-economic change.
  • Energy-water-food nexus.
  • International relations, trade and security.