BiophysEco publishes high quality policy analysis and advice rooted in biophysical economics:

  • The BiophysEco Policy Briefs are short documents focusing on specific policy issues. They provide an overview of these issues from a biophysical economics perspective, as well as a high level assessment of available policy options.
  • The BiophysEco Policy Reports are detailed documents investigating overarching policy challenges. They provide a deep dive into these challenges, expose how the biophysical economics perspective differs from a conventional economic approach, and present a detailed analysis and appraisal of available policy options.

In addition, BiophysEco publishes analytical work based on a biophysical reading of the economy and of economic developments on the BiophysEco Blog. This blog also allows biophysical economists to analyze and voice opinions on specific or general policy issues and challenges. We welcome guest posts, provided they are in line with the mission and objectives of BiophysEco. If you would like to submit a post, please don’t hesitate to contact us.